Steering Committee

Prof. Esther Hertzog

Social Anthropologist, Professor at Levinski College. Founded SHIN in 1989, co-founder of Women Parliament, Young Women Parliament, Anuar and ALIA

Sarin Engel

Sarin Angel-pic
Co-Chairperson of SHIN and a social activist

Liron Ben Yaakov

Liron Ben-Yaakov-pic
Spokeswoman at Israel Electric Corp.
Board member and Spokeswoman at SHIN Movement

Ibtisam Mahameed

Peace activist, consultant to the head of the Women Afairs Council, head of Women Reborn and Anuar

Anat Livnat

Anat Livnat-pic
Women Equality Consultant to the mayor of the city of Bat Yam and Chairperson of the Women Equality Consultants Union

Nechama Dichne

Social activist and Co-Chairperson of ALIA - For Children and Parents Rights

Natalia Gordon

Social Activist and the Administrator of Women Parliament's website

Michal Zeevi

Michal Zeevi-Pic
MA Student in Gender Studies at Tel Aviv University, Social Activist and the Administrator of SHIN's Website

Tsipi Glickman

Tsipi Glickman-pic
MA Student in Gender Studies at Tel Aviv University and a Social Activist

Nili Alon

Women Equality Consultant to the head of Menashe Regional Council

Yona Markovitz

Advocate, Chair Person of HEN (Herzliya Women), One of the Women Parliament founders

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